Grazyna Hajewski


figurativ 1 Artworks

about things, which are important in live. You find there caricature, satire and real scenarios. All in painting.

landscapes 21 Artworks

Oil paintings, which I present here, are made on canvas. This is most often the real linen. Prints are made on specially designed paper or cardboard box. Its thickness is within the limits from 100 g-300 g/m². The paper is milky-white, has a clear structure, or is smooth. It is resistant to the effects of light. Paint and pencil, pen and charcoal to draw is of the highest quality.

sea in watercolor 6 Artworks

Sea-The source of our life and now a wonderful, surprising adventure. But the sea is also hard work and it is the cruelty of war.

Things 24 Artworks

In this gallery there are paintings, engravings and watercolors moving topics of interest to all of us. The themes are presented in a humorous, somewhat satirical way. They are full of fantasy and based fantasies. Any similarity to private individuals is excluded.

akt 12 Artworks

The act is one of the most important themes of painting and photographic in the history of art, and the basic theme of sculpture. The act may appear as a standalone subject, or as part of a larger composition. It is considered the basis of artistic education. Here I present the acts - these are my works in oil on canvas and watercolors (it is often Siena roasted, sometimes monochrome work). I rarely insert drawings made with a pencil or pen.

portrait 24 Artworks

The gallery contains portraits, painted with oil, on canvas, mostly it is linen, the models are members of my family, celebrities and people, these are known persons, heads of state, athletes, the Masters of estrada and those less known,

dance 2 Artworks

Scenes from the ballet, this on the stage and that of life. Immortalized on canvas or paper. Look at these lines, they testify to the reliability of the hand! Please choose!

flower 12 Artworks

The flower says, silently, whisper, to the dam... always tell the truth

birds 11 Artworks

Here is the bird, He sits here, on the bough, He peeps, tweets, twitters, because it's just a bird. His are feathers, his is a song, , His is a backyard and his is bough. And so it is, A bird sits on the bough. The inspiration of drawings here is the political arena, and look at the line that testifies to the very high confidence of the hand of cartoonist!

natur 24 Artworks

This gallery abounds in the works of nature: flowers, green plants - deciduous ones and spiked ones; Birds-beautiful, unruly, predatory and singing, those wise and those less wise, flying in the skies, as well as those that rather prefer walking or splashing in the ocean. You will find here also the inhabitants of our waters - and those of the smallest and the deepest. Of course also insects will find their place here.

drawing 2 Artworks

The drawing is an art that shows the artist's talent most precisely. This is my favorite kind of artistic art. Perhaps more laborious and demanding to devote more attention to detail, but giving me more satisfaction when the end result, persisted on paper, is in line with expectations. The drawings, which I have presented here, are made on the specially designed paper, cardboard. Their thickness is within the range of 100g-300g/m². The paper is milky white, has a clear structure, or is smooth....

umbrella 1 Artworks

the anothear art, also to buy

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